Beautiful Tattoos Made To Cover-Up Scars From The Past.


Whether they are a result of some medical procedure, an injure, or self-harming, scars are there to remind us something. Some people show them with pride and some hide them, feeling ashamed of that past. But these 50 particular cases are amazing. They decided to cover the scars of a painful past with some beautiful art. Take a look at these inspiring stories that prove that sometimes a tattoo has more meaning than we think. They had scars on their bodies and they decided to turned them into something beautiful.



He suffered a severe dog bite as a child. So bad, in fact, that the scar stuck with him into adulthood. You can still see the scar but it is an amazing cover-up job.



This shield is a constant reminder that scars only make us stronger. Everything that happened to us in the past left a mark that hardens your mind, your heart and your skin.