These Are The Most Hilarious Stupid Things Ever Done


Being smart is considered one of the most attractive qualities that a persona can have but even the brightest of people can have their stupidity moments. We have all been there, sometimes something seems like a great idea until it’s done and we realize we have been anything but clever. Other people seem to have those terrible ideas all the time, and even if we try to be nice we have to admit that there are some of the stupidest people we have seen. However, even the stupidest things can be hilarious and here are fifty of those funny situations.



Have you ever thought that it would be a great idea to take a drive in your car over a frozen lake? Probably not, because it’s a stupid idea and a very dangerous one. Well, this guy did.



At first sight, this picture seems about right until you realize that they attached the bike to the wheel, and we all know that is not going to turn out right. That’s not clever thinking.